Peter Cho [USA]
Peter Cho is a designer and programmer based in Los Angeles. Working with Imaginary Forces, he has developed motion and interactive branding pieces for IBM and Ford. Cho holds a Master of Science degree from the MIT Media Laboratory, where he researched the possibilities for dynamic and reactive typographic forms as a member of the Aesthetics and Computation Group, led by Professor John Maeda. He presented his work as a speaker at the Oullim 2000 Icograda congress in Seoul, Korea. Cho is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree as part of the Design and Media Arts department at UCLA.
Suzung Kim [Korea]
Suzung Kim received his BFA and MFA from Seoul National University and received his MFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York where he focused on interactive multimedia. Kim has been working on web design, motion graphics and software arts. The winner of numerous awards including the Macromedia People's Choice Award and prizes sponsored by Communication Arts, and ID magazines. Kim's work has also been shown in various exhibitions in Korea and abroad. Kim lectured at Ewha, Hongik, Kookmin universities and at Korea National Art School. Currently Kim is a full time lecturer at College of Art & Design, Seoul National University.He participated as a speaker at the Oullim 2000 Icograda congress in Seoul, Korea.
Tsutomu Mutoh [Japan]
Graduated from Musashino Art University College of Art and Design
Department of Visual Communication Design
Presently Research Assistant at International Media Research Foundation
Developing graphic expressions based on computer calculation, he presents them as reactive Web works and graphic art.
Dainippon Type Organization [Japan]
This is an experimental typography group exploring new script concepts by de-organizing, combining, and reorganizing the alphabet and existing Japanese scripts (two syllabic scripts--hiragana and katakana--and kanji, or Chinese characters). Established in 1993, the group has had solo exhibitions in London and Tokyo and temporary exhibits in Barcelona and Tokyo. Their activities range from font production to logo design, and include moving images and art. An exhibition commemorating the tenth anniversary will open on October 2nd in Barcelona and will also mark publication of the group's anthology so far.
ten_do_ten [Japan]
Pixel Designer
On September 11, 2001, he launched the Website "ten_do". Since then, he continues to announce his "too many graphics" once a week. Day in, day out, he works on pixels targeting craft design, organic design and domestic design treated as unworthy of notice by the world of modern design.
Tadahiro Gunji [Japan]
Born in Fukui Prefecture in 1978, raised in Saitama Prefecture Graduated from Tokyo National Art University in 2002 and immediately began working at the Nippon Design Center. Gunji's film "Fumo No Hito" has been screened at one dot zero2003 extended play 03 and RESFEST2002 RESMIX SHORTS. He is a member of "mashcomix" (, and participates in "mas" through illustrations and filmmaking.
Atsushi Takahashi [Japan]
Born in Sapporo in 1967
At Nippon Design Center, Takahashi worked on a number of visual identity development projects including the symbol mark design for Asics. He went on to Atom Co., Ltd., where his art direction covered Web and film works, Ryuichi Sakamoto's CD-Extra "Discord" and the symbol mark for Rakuten Inc. He currently works freelance.
Tomoyasu Murata [Japan]
Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Graduate School of Fine Arts in 2002 and in the same year established Tomoyasu Murata Company Accolades for his film "Nostalgia" include the nomination for BBCC Net Art & Film Festa 2000 (Film division), the 2nd Laputan Animation Festival 2001 Audience Prize & Human Prize, the 5th CAA Media Art Festival Excellence Prize in Animation and the PFF Award 2002 Special Jury Prize. Among awards he has received for "Scarlet Road" are the Mori Art Museum's Young Video Artists Initiative Merit Award and the 9th International animation Festival HIROSHIMA Excellence Award. The film was shown at the Annecy 2003 International Animation Festival. Among the venues of his many solo exhibitions are Nagoya Contemporary Art Gallery, the CAI-Contemporary Art Institute Co., Ltd. and the Tomioka City Museum, Gunma Prefecture.
Ichiro Higashiizumi [Japan]
Born in Tokyo in 1958. After studying science and engineering, Higashizumi chose design as his profession. Since embarking on a graphic design career, he has been active in various fields, including product design, Web projects and space design. His recent work includes integrated design operations such as the "Sensorium", an experimental Internet installation Higashizumi co-directed, which has been launched at several overseas venues; the exhibition concept and design for the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and production concept work for the 2002 FIFA world Cup Korea/Japan.
Ages 5 & Up [Japan]
Since 1997 they have worked in various fields, including graphics, films and Web and interactive design.
Hiroyuki Saitoh [Japan]
Born in 1975. graduated Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
Exibition "Graduate Works from 2000" at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Musium
Exibition "Desital Studiom@Tokyo Metropolitan Musium of Photography" in 2002
Exibition "Postgraduate Works from 2002" at The University Art Musium - Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2003
ASYL DESIGN was founded in 1997 by Naoki Sato, who acted as art director and then creative director for the Japanese version of "Wired", first published in 1994. Asly's multidisciplinary work is not particular to any genre or medium. Currently Mitsugu Mizobata is in charge of producing motion graphics.